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why join AIM?

how to join?

1. Sign up with AIM

  • Complete Step 1 and 2 of the registration process by filling in your personal information. 
  • Please familiarise yourself with the AIM Membership Agreement

2. Choose your sponsor

  • Step 3 requests a membership sign up. 
  • Select Option 1 and use the below information to complete the form.  

Name: O’Conner

Last: Smith

Phone: 0649085264


  • Once completed click “Search” and select O’Conner Marius Smith

3. Start selling, start living!

  • That’s it! 
  • You can now start purchasing AIM products for yourself, sell to family and friends or start your own AIM business! 
  • Login at AIM and start your journey with us. 
  • Good luck! If you need any help/ guidance, contact us!

business oportunity

What AIM Says


  • Purchase AIM products at wholesale prices
  • Minimum investment – FREE membership options
  • Nutrition and business training at The AIM Academy – FREE
  • Your very own personalized AIM store website – FREE
  • Friendly ordering and customer support
  • Work from home at your own pace and convenience 
    building a part-time or full-time business
  • Minimal expenses compared to traditional businesses
  • Develop a business that produces even when you aren’t there
  • Establish a legacy that is transferable to your family or a charity
  • Exciting contests and travel opportunities
  • International business-building opportunities
  • Earn commissions several levels deep and infinitely wide, 
    even on Members of the same title
  • Generous Leadership Bonus Program
  • Promotions that are retroactive to the first of the month
  • Free annual renewal with minimal points accrued
  • Permanent titles – you are never demoted if you renew annually
  • Low commission qualification requirements and compression at all levels