Fit n Fiber (Orchard Peach) (456g powder)


Fit n Fiber (Orchard Peach) (456g powder)


  • Provides 8 grams of prebiotic fiber per serving
  • Acacia, apple, flaxseed, konjac, oat and psyllium fiber as well as unique botanicals
  • Increases healthy fiber intake daily
  • Helps maintain the digestive system
  • Ideal for managing weight


AIM fit n fiber orchard peach is an everyday fiber for safe, effective, and consistent results. It provides ten grams of dietary fiber through a unique array of synergistic herbs as well as fiber from psyllium husk,oat,apple, acacia, flax seed and konjac.

Benefits of fit n fiber

  • Boosts the fiber in your diet – safely and easily
  • Promotes digestive health
  • Promotes a healthy colon
  • Relieves irregularity
  • Helps regulate blood sugar
  • Helps maintain cardiovascular helath
  • Aids in satiety and assists with weight management
  • Contains antibacterial and anti-fungal properties


  • Psyllium – Natural, bulk-forming psyllium has positive effects on regularity, constipation, diarrhea and ever serious health concerns
  • Oat Fiber – Its insoluble properties allow it to clean out the colon as it exits, helping to maintain regularity and ward off constipation. Since it goes undigested, oat fiber has no calories and is gluten free.
  • Konjax Fiber (Glucomannan – Konjac fiber’s active component is glucomannan, a soluable dietary fiber. Research has shown that konjax fiber works particularly well for constipation.
  • Acacia Fiber – Used by the ancient Egyptians to treat numerous ailments, acacia fiber is still used today as a first-class source of soluble fiber and has a highly digestive tolerance in humans. It is also believed to have some probiotic calories.
  • Artichoke leaf extract and Dandelion Root Powder – in several scientific investigations, artichoke leaf extract has shown promise for people who wrestle with indigestion. As bitter herbs, these extracts may be able to help replenish stomach aciod and encourage digestive enzyme production when stomach acid is low.


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